Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We have a new baby!!!

And his name is....

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Jesus and the Easter Bunny

Well we are at that precarious age where fantasy and reality collide.  Jared will turn 10 next month and for him right now, the world of make believe is a lot more real than reality.  Where do we as parents draw the line and try to ever so gently bring him into the "real world"???

This is a question I am sure all parents must ask at some time in their childrens lives.  But what is the "correct" answer?  I ask this because this year has been a tough one for Jared, he is crying now because the Easter Bunny didn't make it through the storm last night...but Halleluiah Jesus sent 4 inches of rain!!!

How do you explain that our Savior was beaten, shamed and died on a cross for us and this is the REAL reason we celebrate Easter?  A childs perspective on sin is when they do something naughty and get a time out.  How do you explain worldly sin to a child caught in the middle of a world of fluffy white bunnies and chocolate peanut butter eggs?  Reality vs Fiction...how do you make reality more appealing to a child?  I live in the real world and there are very often days in these uncertain times when I wish I could return to the world of childhood.  The land flowing with chocolate and peanut butter...

I will share with my little boy the same answer that has been the rock of my foundation.  This verse was written on my heart as a child and transitioned me over the abiss from early childhood to reality:

"For God so LOVED the WORLD that He gave His only begotten SON that whomsoever believeth in HIM should not PERISH but have everlasting LIFE.  John 3:16" 

Words to cling to when the world has got your goat, on days when there is no chocolate but your days are very much like another brown substance and the streams of abundant JIF peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are just no where to be found...cling to the truth.  And the truth shalll set you free.

Thank You Lord Jesus.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Random Thoughts...

Well Hello...I see its been a long time since I have visited my blog or posted an update.  I have been sucked into the world of facebook and my thoughts are scattered randomly and then get deleted at the end of the day..or send in to facebook cyberspace...its kinda neat to reflect back and ponder over thoughts I put down a year ago.  So much has been happening lately that I have not had much chance to write...which I suppose beats not having anything to talk about I guess.

We had a potluck and egg hunt today after church.  Our new church is about hmmm 100 steps or so from our property line and is the smallest church I have ever been in but it proclaims to have the biggest HEART in Texas, and after today I have to agree it is true.  The sweetest bunch of people you will ever meet and such a kind, loving and generous spirit very reflective of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are very blessed that God led us to where we are and are amazed by every new day. 

Anyway, it was a most excellent day at church today.  Our church family puts on a good feast and the egg hunt was just incredible.  There were eggs and Easter goodies all over the church lawn...had to have been hundreds of little plastic eggs and other treats.  Jaiden even got a new stuffed bunny which made her ever so happy.  She isn't into dolls much but loves loves loves stuffed animals.  Jared came back with an overloaded basket and a big big smile on his face.  But Easter is not all about the eggs or the candy and as Ms. Christy taught so well in Children's moment today, it is about the gift of life that Christ our Lord gave to us by sacrificing His own body and giving His own life's blood on that cross so that we might not suffer death but live eterally with Him in heaven.  God is so good to us that all we have to do is believe and accept this precious gift and we will be saved.  Even when satan beats us down, if we ask Jesus will save us from the world that is persecuting us....and the world is chock full of persecutions

The wind is howling out and we had wildfires going out of control on Friday so the firemen are on alert to the sound of  yet another fire call.  We got .44 inches of rain 2 weeks ago but its just so very dry that we need a good week of soaking rain....and a break from all this wind.  I know God hears us when we pray, so we continue to lift up our prayers and know that He will keep us in His care and not let us go.

And we get ready for another work week to start.  Another week of sitting at a desk and wondering what I am really doing with my life...as I near the big 4-0 I am pondering more and more what I should be doing and thinking more and more that life should really be more than a paycheck for putting in 40 hours at a desk each week.  The threat of a furlough last week really got me to thinking hard about the government and how it manages our tax dollars and its personnel.  I really don't dislike my job, I am very grateful to God for allowing me the chance to work and have the benefits that come along with it.  I am not here of my own accord but by the GRACE OF GOD.  As I hear the reports of EGF flooding and getting yet another 7 inches of snow, I can only thank God all the more for what he has given us.  His abundant love is evident in every breath we take.  We are so very blessed. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Does anyone have a tip for raising African Violets?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Have seeds will garden

We took a family road trip to Schertz on Friday...starting our year with a reflection of where we started really put things into perspective. We realized how far we've come and just where we are now is where we were meant to be.

The old house we lived in (my first home purchase)is now so pitifully run down that it breaks our heart to see it in such disrepair after years of work and toil to make it our home. The town has exploded in growth and there are stores and restaurants there that we could only dream of before...but the traffic is horrendous! I hit a few stores for a few minor supplies and then we headed back home on Saturday. It was a great trip but it was even greater to come HOME. As I was clearing the feed lot of our cow pasture I suddenly realized I'd finally come full circle...the farm girl has returned to her roots...I'd rather be out in the pasture with the cows than bumping through the crowds at a mall...

I spent my Christmas money from my MIL on a seed tray and seeds. I am looking forward to planting a veggie garden in the north corner of our 2 acre yard. It is a blank slate just ready to be painted with yummies! I can't wait to dig in and watch it come to life. I purchased a boatload of seeds (I went a bit overboard - ya)so I am thinking the kids may get the opportunity to start a little veggie roadstand if this venture is a success...

Scott built me a double compost area already, it is in the north corner by the cows feed lot...I have been filling it will trompled hay and cow manure, kitchen scraps and pecan leaves. Hopefully I will have nice healthy dirt in a year or so.

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year Ya'll!!!

this has certainly been an eventful year!

It amazing to reflect back on it now and see how God has "moved us" physically, mentally, and spiritually. We are in good hands. When we let go and let God take control...amazing things will happen.

Wishing ya'll a Blessed 2010!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Doggone nutty

We have two enormous native pecan trees in our front yard and they are just beginning to release their fall crop so we got out this evening and gathered about 10 lbs of nuts from around one of the trees. Being native pecans, they are about the size of small marbles so it takes quite a few of them, and a lot of work, to gleem a small amount of shelled out pecans...well we were sitting out on the backporch enjoying a beautiful evening and watching the sun set, cracking and shelling pecans when we discovered that every time a bit or broken piece landed by our two Boston terriers they were inhaling them like candy...I never knew that dogs liked nuts...! They were going gaga over em!!!

We are all so very grateful for the bounty Lord!!!