Friday, November 5, 2010

Does anyone have a tip for raising African Violets?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Have seeds will garden

We took a family road trip to Schertz on Friday...starting our year with a reflection of where we started really put things into perspective. We realized how far we've come and just where we are now is where we were meant to be.

The old house we lived in (my first home purchase)is now so pitifully run down that it breaks our heart to see it in such disrepair after years of work and toil to make it our home. The town has exploded in growth and there are stores and restaurants there that we could only dream of before...but the traffic is horrendous! I hit a few stores for a few minor supplies and then we headed back home on Saturday. It was a great trip but it was even greater to come HOME. As I was clearing the feed lot of our cow pasture I suddenly realized I'd finally come full circle...the farm girl has returned to her roots...I'd rather be out in the pasture with the cows than bumping through the crowds at a mall...

I spent my Christmas money from my MIL on a seed tray and seeds. I am looking forward to planting a veggie garden in the north corner of our 2 acre yard. It is a blank slate just ready to be painted with yummies! I can't wait to dig in and watch it come to life. I purchased a boatload of seeds (I went a bit overboard - ya)so I am thinking the kids may get the opportunity to start a little veggie roadstand if this venture is a success...

Scott built me a double compost area already, it is in the north corner by the cows feed lot...I have been filling it will trompled hay and cow manure, kitchen scraps and pecan leaves. Hopefully I will have nice healthy dirt in a year or so.